Check out a selection of fun, funky, and colorful stickers

Welcome to Black Jack Studio! It’s the online gallery and shop of Idaho artist Mary Butler, that would be me. If you are looking for the card game, you’ve come to the wrong site. If, on the other hand, you’ve come to look at a variety of original art including prints, cards, stickers and dog paintings, come on in!

Why is this site called Black Jack Studio? It’s named after a canine. My painting partners have always been Jack Russell Terriers. We’ve had three! One of those was a pint-sized black and white dog named Winofred. Although she has passed, her spirit remains and you can spot her in some of the art work throughout this site.

I have always wanted to be just a little different from everyone else, just ask my parents. I studied art and design at Boise State University before they started teaching with computers. In other words, I learned to paint and draw by hand, and not with pixels. Every piece I create is an original work, hand-painted, drawn, cut, glued, etc..

Regardless of the medium, one thing I can tell you is that my art is bright, colorful, and always changing. I started painting odd objects several years ago. Since then I’ve turned creepy mannequins into lovely ladies and crusty gourds into shiny objects.

A selection of my artwork is now available for purchase in the shop, and at Mixed Greens in downtown Boise, Idaho. Mixed Greens is located at 213 N 9th St., and carries my prints, greeting cards, and stickers.